We had a great night at BETA in our hometown Copenhagen earlier this month. Some pictures from the night has appeared on Instagram and Flickr

Electric Hellride @ BETA 06/04/19


And finally, there was also one more photo from the show at Hammer Smashed Face last month:

Electric Hellride


27th of January 2019

Once again we haven’t been the most informative people on the web, so if your only go-to place for news about us is this site, then we are sorry for the lack of news from us. But no worries, we are alive and well and are working on tracks for our next release (but do check our Facebook and Instagram pages as we are more up to date there).

We have some shows coming up here in our home country. First is “Hammer Smashed Face” in Frederikshavn with legendary Artillery, Crocell and Ferocity. Gonna be a party and we will go there in style as we will go with the Tuborg Musikhjælp van. Thanks Tuborg! Next (if nothing else comes up) is a howetown gig with Impalers at BETA here in Copenhagen.

In 2018 we had been Electric Hellride for 10 years. The image below is an oldie taken during a photoshoot in 2011 for the ‘Hate.Control.Manipulate’ album. We have it framed in our rehearsal room as you can see. It shows a lot of why we are still going strong: we simply enjoy to hang out together. Of course, we also enjoy writing and recording music and very much to play LIVE!