We have just been announced for the new Copenhagen Metal Fest to be held the 20th and 21st of September 2019. This festival is taking place at Amager Bio and the smaller venues surrounding it and will feature Illdisposed, Artillery, Livløs, The Interbeing and a great bunch of other fine acts.

For now we can’t say anything on which date or stage we will perform. No matter what, we are looking forward to this new initiative.

More info on the festival at this link: Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019


At last months show we finished our set with the intro riff of this song, ‘Unleash’. The full song we haven’t played live since 2015 at Stengade in Copenhagen (where this video was captured).

A few days ago we jammed the song again at rehearsal and it was fun! We’ll see if ‘Unleash’ reappears at our setlist for upcoming concerts.

Have a great weekend, people!