We had some great shows with DEFECTO in Denmark throughout March and April. We will return to the stages in September with one last show with DEFECTO and we are currently planning some more shows in September. More about that later.

Thank you all for the support at the shows in Aarhus, Tønder, Odense, Aabenraa and Aalborg. A video for ‘Netherworld’ is coming this Thursday, it consists of clips from the road and from the sweat dripping hot show in Aalborg.

We met this horned creature in Aalborg!Electric Hellrides billede.

‘The Ghost Army’ is taken from ‘Praedam’, the second full length album by Electric Hellride released September 2017. The video is the fourth video from the album and the video was produced and edited by the lead guitarist of the band. Anders Molin. It is not a traditional music video, it is more like a short film with the song as the very fitting sound track. As a natural consequence of being the LEAD guitarist Mr. Molin is equipped with the biggest ego in the band and to compensate for the lack of solo in this lenghty song he decided to do a short movie for the song in stead. On his own. There’s your solo!

The video features a haunted child, luminescent toy soldiers and a sleepy rhythm guitarist of Electric Hellride: Nicklas Adamsson himself. We hope you like it. We certainly do!

We have already played 3 of the gigs on the Danish tour with Defecto. While Defecto is out touring Europe with Persefone we would like to give a shout out to all the cool people we met at the shows in Aarhus, Tønder and Odense. And huge thanks to all who even supported our merch stand, that is very appreciated – hope you also liked the music when played on your on stereo.

We will return to this Danish run when Defecto is back. Next shows are the 13th and 14th of April 2018 in Aabenraa and Aalborg.

By the way: Go follow us on Instagram. Here you will find pictures from the aforementioned shows: on stage, behind the stage, on the road, see the setlists and so much more.

And just a little note to end this post. We are proud abusers of String Site strings on this tour: