Once again it’s been quite a while since our last update of The reason for that is simple: we’re still working on the songs for our second album. Things are going great, and we feel confident about our new material. Really strong material, if you ask us! And really worth the wait, hope you’ll stick around and take another listen to one of our previous releases.

Last week we once again turn our rehearsal space into a low budget studio and did some demos with the new stuff. We might give you some footage from that along with a bit of the raw sound. Soon. Or that is… we’ll see…

We are aiming for a recording of the album in January 2016 (yes, it’s a delay as we said “fall of 2015” in our last post). As mentioned some time ago we will team up with Emil Sauer – you might remember we recorded “Come Darkness, Come Light” in his Grizzly Sauer Studio. Since then he changed the name of the studie to Aurochs Studio but the sound coming out of there is the same: amazing!

Here’s some shots from the recording in our rehearsal space and the files with the our newest songs: