We are heading out for some shows supporting Defecto! A fine band that in 2017 released their critically acclaimed 2nd album ‘Nemesis’ and even supported Rammstein and Metallica. They are heading for the stars and have a very busy touring schedule for 2018 and we are obviously very proud to their direct tour support on most of their Danish shows.

We have a poster for the shows, check it out here:

The 3rd video in support of our latest and 2nd album ‘Praedam’ is out now. The video was shot during our release party at BETA2300 back in September.

At the concert during the songs ‘Bite the Prey’ and of course ‘Death Zone’ we had Stefan Hansen doing body suspension (hanging from hooks through his skin) among the audience and right in front of us performing on the stage. It was very cool!

Obviously this is not for everyone to enjoy so watch it if you dare! (if you don’t like the visual side you can find the song on most streaming services).

As written in our latest post we are now on Instagram. A main focus for our first time as a band on Instagram have been to give you some details about the songs on the album, the recording process, the making of videos or whatever related to the release of ‘Praedam’.

We have collected the first 4 #praedamfact below. For more find us on Instagram